In the far north we make a difference

Norra Group is one of Sweden’s leading companies in the forestry industry. Our modern plants manufacture a comprehensive range of high quality timber products for customers throughout the world. Product customisation is a cornerstone of our work with a major part of our sawn timber output consisting of processed materials.

Norra Timber® is a registered trademark of Norra Group, a forest owners’ association. This means that the association is owned by its members, some 17,000 private forest owners with their own forest areas in northern Sweden. The association, which can trace its history back to 1933, delivers 2.0 million cubic metres of wood raw material to industry in Sweden, and offers a full forestry service to all members – from forestry plans to silviculture and harvesting.
With access to the combined forests of our 17,000 members and our own production capacity that covers all aspects of forestry products, we are an independent player with full control over all stages of the manufacturing process from raw materials to finished goods. That is why we are able to meet all the demands made by customers from a wide range of countries with totally different cultures and requirements.

Within the industrial sector we work continually with product development and increased added value. This makes it possible for us to provide customised solutions and products. Adding value in our part of the production chain enables us to establish close and long-term relationships with you the customer. Quick answers and prompt deliveries ensure you can feel confident in us as a partner.
The production facilities include two sawmills, two planing lines and a pole factory. Together these produce around 430,000 cubic metres of timber of which some 75,000 are machined and customised. The pole factory has an output of 60,000 turned pine poles a year.